Scaling Up Hydrogen for a cleaner future

Unleash  Hydrogen's Potential
Hydrogen is the best way forward a Carbon Free and sustainable society.
Harnessing and bringing the Hydrogen Economy to scale is our core mission.
 H2Potential is Australasia's first scientist-led company completely focused on Hydrogen, with deep expertise in :
- Solving technical challenges  
Implementing new applications 
- Optimising and training on existing processes
- Evaluating emerging technologies and companies...
New projects analysis and feasibility

Hydrogen's applications and pathways 

Technical and industrial expertise

Management Team

Scott Ryall
Head of Consulting (Sydney)

Scott brings deep knowledge of the Energy and Infrastructure markets

Prof. Francois Aguey-Zinsou 
President & CTO (Sydney)

Francois is a world renowned specialist of Hydrogen.

Jean-Marie Guitera
CEO (New York)

Jean-Marie bridges innovation and industrial deployment.